These foodpicks are handcrafted which means no two foodpicks will be exactly the same. Each design is different, so not all the foodpicks are the same size. Our longest foodpick is the asparagus which is 3.5 inches long. Our widest foodpicks are the one with characters like princesses, Frozen, etc.; these are 1.25 inches in wide.

We have made several tries putting different batches in the dishwasher, and they have come out intact. However, we would not recommend doing this because not all dishwashers have the same power. We highly recommend washing them manually with water and soap in order for the foodpicks to last longer. We have made a video to show how we wash them.

The foodpicks are created with little kids in mind. They have been tested multiple times and are made with the best materials. It is important to remember that foodpicks are not a toy and should only be used while seated and under adult supervision.

The top part is made with a food safe cold porcelain clay. The bottom part is made out of plastic. We buy these from a wholesaler.

I have had clients that used them since the baby was 6 months old. However, most kids have the appropriate motor skills around 9 months.

We buy the picks to a manufacturer, and they state they are BPA free.