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Foodpicks can encourage children try a variety of foods

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These unique Foodpicks are handcrafted and specially designed to make mealtime fun! Foodpicks are a fantastic way to encourage trying new foods with a novelty twist.

What are they for?

After 9 months, children are super skilled in eye-hand-mouth skills, since from 3 months it has become the axis of their learning and everything goes to the mouth! They already know how to take an object and explore it with taste, but in the diet, to go from eating with the hand in the beginning to the use of silverware is a complex motor process.
That is why there have been a thousand versions of cutlery to help children in this transition. It is at 3 years that they begin to develop that ability to know like “adults”!
Fortunately, there is an intermediate utensil that will make that process easier, those are the Foodpicks.

Their use has many benefits:

Decreasing the possibility of being frustrated when the food falls.
Favoring concentration in poking food.
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Children with hypersensitivity are encouraged to taste the food because they do not become in direct contact with the food.
Promoting independence.
Teaching about vegetables, colors, letters, etc.
They are a fun strategy to feed themselves.
Teaching the need to bring the proper amount of food to the mouth.
Reducing the possibility of touching food with dirty hands at school.
Motivating to try more variety of foods.
Recognizing a mediating instrument in food intake before using silverware.


Ashley Smith RD

Nutridashe foodpicks are a favorite here! As a mother of three and a pediatric dietitian, I consider these picks an essential tool to positive, playful, pressure-free meal times.


Anny Zheng

Desde que compramos los foodpicks, Diana ha comido y probado alimentos que antes ni tocaba. No le gustaba comer bollitos pero con los foodpicks lindos de @nutridashe, se ha comido arepita y media de las que le hago.


Katie Richter

I’m so thrilled with my recent purchase! My 2 yo just LOVES them and plowed through about 15 bites of cucumber yesterday. She’s been horribly picky lately, often refusing anything I put in front of her. These have helped tremendously. Will definitely be buying more!


Jennifer Myers

We love our picks! My sons are eating away at their fruit using them. I can’t wait to order more.