My name is Dashelyn Velázquez; I have a wonderful Puerto Rican husband and a beautiful daughter who came to our lives in September 2017. I was born in Venezuela and moved to Orlando at 20 years of age (year 2002). By then, my whole family was still living in Venezuela. However, I wanted to seek for a better future which is why I came to the United States. I have a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees focused on education, biology, psychology, and nutrition.
Why the world of nutrition?
My body changed in a remarkable way after puberty. My curves accentuated generating reactions and comments in my family and friends which had a negative impact on me. That is when I did many diets (egg, pineapple, etc.) because I wanted to fit in the demands of others. This resulted in very strong hormonal changes and struggles to maintain a healthy weight.
After I got  married, I saw the pictures of our wedding, and I could not believe it. I had time without seeing myself in the mirror, and although I kept buying new clothes, “one more size was nothing.” I realized that I had to do something; I had always dreamed of being a mother and being overweight gave me the feeling that I would not be able to if I did not lose weight. I sought advice with a nutritionist, but the patient-professional relationship did not work after a while.
I did a lot of research, consulted with other nutritionists, and I decided to trust the knowledge of @nutrimeli. She not only gave me a food plan but also explained in detail how to follow it the best way possible. That made me want to learn about nutrition. I bought many books and started posting on Instagram. Several people asked me about my experience, and I was able to help them lose weight. My first university degree is in Biology (that is why I have always based my recommendations on scientific studies), with a specialization in Psychology.
A few months before graduating, the University of Central Florida offered me a scholarship to study a Masters in Education. Thanks to that, I have been able to share my experience using my tools as a teacher to help others learn about nutrition and be independent at the right time. I also have a Master in Clinical Nutrition (New York Chiropractic College).
All my knowledge is currently focused on supporting people who want to improve their eating habits, propose healthy alternatives for pregnant women, and above all, to promote the good nutrition that our children should have to have healthier adults.
Thank you for coming here; we give you the most cordial welcome to Nutridashe. We work with care and perseverance to give you an incredible experience.